انتشر مقطع مضحك يدور حول مقابلة مذيع لشخصين مما يؤدي الى ضحكه ظهرت عدة ترجمة لكن كان بعضها مزيف او استخدم لاسباب سياسية او اجتماعية و هناك الكثير اعتقد ان مقابلة حقيقية لكن في حقيقية كانت من برنامج كوميدي بلجكي ساخر و فقرة كانت عن الاخطاء الطبية

A (foreign language) video clip is going around that shows a talk-show host interviewing a man and a woman. When the man starts speaking, the interviewer cracks up. The more the man speaks, the more the interviewer laughs. It’s a funny video, because the guy’s laughter is highly contagious. But was this a real interview? No. The clip comes from a Belgian comedy TV series called In De Gloria. Apparently the faux interview is about medical mishaps. The woman is paralyzed because of a surgical error, and the man’s voice was altered by a throat operation that went bad.


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