It had continued to happen until World War II, before the end of the war, in 1944, the Allies met and knew which side was winning. Keep in mind that USA got involved in the war during the last year, it’s important to know this information! USA got involved to save itself, double its profits and gain good economy, where in fact, it embroiled mankind in a huge dilemma that will cost everybody more than they can imagine. And we are the generation that will witness the results of this dilemma, can’t say any better. Everybody agrees and believes we are the generation that will have to witness it. So don’t expect that you are going to leave this world in 10, 20 or 30 years without witnessing those results, undeniably we are all going to .Not only we seek God’s mercy but also we pray that this disaster might never happen, we just pray and hope, but that’s another story as we’re speaking in scientific standards and what experts are stating.

Anyways, as soon as, the allies gain victory they met -through 44 delegations- in a hotel in the state of New Hampshire in a town called Bretton Woods – which is now a famous place for the Bretton Woods Conference, as they all signed an important agreement. It was a deal, but what kind of a deal was that? It was a deal to bind the US Dollar, which will become the main credible currency for the world -fair enough since the US is strong and tipped the scale for the Allies with a great crime on Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, an inhumane act of course, showing off muscles while terrorizing and scaring everyone else, particularly the USSR- and all other world currencies will be linked to the US$ binding one very simple and unavoidable rule, to associate the US$ with gold so that every 35 US$ = 1 ounce of 21 carat of gold. This was all great and everyone agreed on it. Of course this resulted in establishing the International Monetary Fund (IMF). And what is this IMF used for? It is a foundation that lends money to countries in need, with interests of course. This was important in rebuilding the devastated Europe. This was all great and continued to be so.

After a while, those Allies noticed that US, in particular, was spending lavishly, expanding a great amount of money on buying weapons, even embroiled itself into the Vietnam War, a war that cost the US a great amount of money. Where all that money came from? The allies noticed that US was printing Dollar nots excessively, much more than its gold reserves, which was an absolute disaster. Why so? It is a clear disaster because if US was printing more US$ than its gold reserves can bear, then every new printed currency would continuously weaken the value of the Dollar in the market. One might ask; what’s the big deal with that? That’s a nightmare! Well, what’s your salary? You may say 2,000 US$. These 2,000 US$ in 3 years would have a 1,300 US$ purchasing power, so you’ve lost 700 US$, and so back so forth. Sure after 10 years you may get an extra 500 Dollars to your 2,000, but the whole lot would have a purchasing power of only 700 US$! And we’re all, now, living this situation everywhere. Even here in Europe, same thing, same situation.

But more than that, a major global catastrophe was emerged as the whole world has been living this inflation, and we’ll see what’s the secret of inflation, and how can we precisely define it. You’ll find many definitions for the word “inflation” as economists sometimes tend to complicate things, yet the simplest definition for the word inflation is: the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising and, consequently, the purchasing power of currency is falling. That means the US banknote has, no longer, gold cover, keep that in mind. A few decades ago -when the US$ was bound to the agreement, and associated with gold- a dollar banknote was real money, as you would take that banknote of any value and exchange it with gold, say like “I want so and so value of gold“, with every 35 US$ = 1oz gold. I have 300 US$ that would equal 10oz of gold, “Give me 286 grams of gold” where the bank would simply exchange it to you just like that, this is necessary of course and this is the meaning of cash. As a matter of fact, this is the difference between ‘money’ and what became known as ‘flat currency’. It was considered a ‘currency’ where in fact all that were just printed banknotes without gold cover. It was all registered and agreed upon that other countries were not allowed to print any banknotes, stating that the Dollar is the only currency applicable.

Who are the beneficiaries from all that? And how does that effect our financial status? Of course it affects us, as if our effort is stolen. For example if I work for 2,000 US$, this amount of money should cover 300 hours of work in a month while, in fact it covers 400 hours of work i.e. the Work’s value has become less, yet the same duty remains unchanged. The work, the effort you put and productivity are not losing value, items values are not increasing either, but the value of these Dollar bills is decreasing, that’s what’s happening.

Now you may say “I got this, that’s my own effort. I spent 300 hours working, this same 300 hours 10 years ago would have granted me so-and-so income with so a certain purchasing power provided with that cash flow, yet now it doesn’t provide half that purchasing power. What’s happening? And work remains unchanged!” they’d say “The flaw is not yours to bear, nor are the products or the services, creativity or the efforts. The flaw is attached to the banknote which became value deficient“. But why is its value decreasing? Because it’s no longer associated with gold!

Now you’d tell me “That’s the biggest deception and grandest theft of all time” and that’s very true. It is theft in broad daylight. Shortly you’ll see how this theft become legitimate, legalized as we’d say, a Legalized Theft by law and the force of law which has become a hoax and a fraud. But how did all that happen?

Of course the allies and leading countries, for example France and Germany, knew that there’s something suspicious, especially France. Thus, the General of France, Charles De Gaulle, confronted the dollar. He said, “There’s deception and theft being done to us and that is not permissible.” France started to go back to relying on gold instead of dollar. Repeatedly France asked the USA for gold and with that there was an exponential increase in demand for gold. We know that there was an assassination plan to get rid of General De Gaulle. There’s documented evidence that the USA, specifically the CIA, was involved in a coup to assassin the general. In other words, what happened when the general tried to uncover this game that was being played at a global scale and when he tried to explain that it would ruin the whole world, USA planned to assassin this emancipatory French leader. Of course, this plan failed.

Adamant protests arose in 1968 in France. These protests are known as youths or students bearing objections. Until today, there are still questions about the interference of USA in these students’ protests. As a result of these protests, De Gaulle had to resign. The emancipator of France lost his position and was taught how not to interfere in the decisions of big countries giving the impression that United States knows how to discipline those who choose to take a stand against those decisions, and that was weird.

As we said, the demand for gold increased and the price now had changed because the dollar now has been exposed. An ounce of Gold had become 40 dollars instead of 35 dollars. USA agreed with its allies, especially Britain unfortunately, to build what was known as a “gold pool.” This institution was created in 1961 and was called the London Gold Pool. The function of this pool was to stabilize the price of an ounce of gold at 35 dollars in order to preserve the trust of the people in the dollar. Thus, they told the people that the problem was fixed and explained that the value of every 35 dollars was equal to an ounce of gold, not the other way around. This plan worked and succeeded to some degree, however, after this incident, everything had ended.

People also understood that game and unfortunately, USA sunk deeply into Vietnam War. The war had cost USA billions of dollars. It was a great loss of money and thus US had to keep on printing more money. In 1971, USA president Nixon officially announced through Television to the world that the dollar temporarily would no longer be tied to gold. It wasn’t temporary. From that moment until today the dollar hasn’t been tied to gold. Due to certain circumstances, it seems that President Nixon only wanted to calm the people and the different nations, that’s why he temporarily broke the tie. France then asked for gold instead of the substitute, which is the dollar. USA replied that there would be no gold per an order by the president. All the people were left with the dollar as the only currency applicable, whatever it was worth at that time whether it’s half, quarter or a tenth of its supposed value. This is a strange form of bullying. One of you now might say that since USA plan had been exposed, the world now would break their currency ties with the dollar and would leave USA to handle its own problems until it collapsed economically. Unfortunately, there were masterminds behind these plans. I know you hear about the Bilderberg group that came together in Sweden. They consists of great politicians and economists in the west, especially from USA. The first meeting were over 70 people. Now, generally they are about 150 people convene. The meetings are extremely secretive. I believe one of them was held in Vienna, Salzburg on 2012. This group usually meets only 3 days a year. These people are the minds that truly lead the world; they play a dangerous global game. This is why their meetings are extremely secretive. We knew from some leaked information that in the first meeting they had, about 50 people agreed on something that was both wondrous and cannot be understood initially. They agreed that the price of the oil must be increased. In 1973, October War took place, otherwise known as the Glorious Ramadan War. It was a war between Syria and Egypt against Israel. It prompted the Arabs p to cut the oil supply to the west. This caused a disaster but the group of masterminds remedied the situation with a solution. Later, USA president made an agreement with the preceding king of Saudi Arabia, Faisal, may Allah have mercy on him. An agreement was also made with the leaders of the rest of the OPEC countries. The agreement was that these countries had to accept the dollar as the only currency for the exported oil in return for military aid, national security, and the reassurance that no one would dare to threaten the Kingdom. In other words, oil, or what is known as black gold, is not to be sold but only in dollars. It was also promised that the prices of oil would increase. The price of oil was high because they increased it four times from what it originally was. After that it had become even greater. Unfortunately, these nations agreed and that was both the most evil and smartest conspiracy in the history of the world. So what does that mean? It means all the countries that want oil will have to purchase oil in dollar. They will have to associate their currency to the dollar once again. In 1971, gold in USA was worth to fifth of the USA dollar that was for exchange. That was unbelievable because you would have to pay the value of the dollar by your hard work and in return you would be given printed papers! This is in essence the story of the “Petrodollar,” as they say. This is basically the accursed problem that we suffered and still suffering from until today.

There were people that rebelled, for example, Saddam Hussein. In 2000, as you know, after the terrible siege in 1991, said that he would sell oil in euro. In 2003, Iraq was envied by USA. That was the real reason after US invasion and not because of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction as US claimed; that nonsense is all a deceptive political game. Because if Saddam was allowed to sell oil in euro, then later other countries would be likely to follow suit such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. If that happened, USA economy would suffer greatly. This explains the game of the petrodollar as well as the story behind Iran. Iran wanted to follow Saddams’ step, and it received several agreements at first from other parties all in order to sell oil in a currency other than the dollar. This issue is a big problem and it is where all the real conflicts lie. It all depends on the dollar and its value and on maintaining the dominance of the dollar on different governments and people around the world.

The problem of the dollar is a worrisome, confusing, and wondrous issue. Even Gaddafi, this crazy man who had some intellect concerning a few issues, without a doubt went to more than one African country and gave them hundreds of millions, even billions. Why would he do such a thing? No, he’s not an idiot! He wanted to create alliances with as many countries as he could in order to overthrow the old currency and instead start dealing with a new golden currency. In other words, going back to gold and no more paper currency. This plan would have fixed our current system and destroyed the dollar.



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